CoStar Brewing Glass

About CoStar Brewing

There has been a VERY quiet movement happening in the Highland Park, Pittsburgh, PA. A movement of the Craft Beer kind. As the East End and specifically, the East Liberty corridor grows and renews itself, CoStar Brewing has decided to make this area its home as a start-up brewery. In 2010 Jeff Hanna and Dominic Cincotta decided that the time was right to make the move to nanobrewery. CoStar was launched with the mission to deliver a high quality beer.

CoStar was founded on the principal that the simple things in life can be the best. You don’t have to break all of the rules to be new, fresh, and inspiring. You just have to do it well. This is what CoStar strives to do and deliver a product that allows the brewery to be true to themselves in creating a quality and consistent product that engages the consumer in an experience that goes beyond a single brew. They realize that their wares will not be for everyone, but they also recognize that you don’t have to like something to appreciate where it comes from and what it stands for. CoStar stands for the beer, not the hype along with a humble sense of carrying on a great tradition with roots as far back as mankind. They hope this comes through in their beer and that you can find one in a local watering hole near you soon!